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Industry has created plans customized for our health, finance, retirement, diet and even our physical fitness goals. Our Individual Threat Assessment Plan (ITAP) now provides you with a customized plan for your security. 

College Planning ITAPThe transition process from high school to college is stressful and when selecting that “perfect” college you want your child to have the best experience possible. Most often when it comes to addressing the safety, security and mental health of your child during this transition, parents often overlook these issues.

Why should safety and security be such an important factor in the decision making process? Because new students are in a different environment which substantially increases their vulnerability and places them at greater risk of being victimized or suffering from mental illness, specifically depression, anxiety and an increased risk for suicide and substance abuse.  Over time, even the more seasoned and experienced college students become complacent, thereby increasing their exposure to potential risks and threats. Some criminals specialize in campus/student related crime and not all institutions devote the necessary resources or adhere to the requirements when it comes to on campus and off campus crime reporting and security protocols.

The GLOSEC College Planning ITAP monitors and assesses the security and emergency protocols in place on campus and provides an unbiased analysis of the institutions security and safety policies, procedures and programs to ensure they meet best practices, and perhaps more important, that they exceed your expectations. In addition, our analysts perform multiple vulnerability assessments and expose issues relating to violent crime, property crime, gang/drug activity, disciplinary actions, public safety threats and risk analysis for the surrounding community most frequented by students. Certain geographic markets offer additional services including airport/hotel transportation and guided escorts for clients visiting the campus as part of their college search.

Reports of sexual assault on Boston-area college campuses have risen sharply over the past several years, by nearly 40 percent. Research indicates that one in four students will be the victim of a sexual assault. Still, an estimated 88 percent of victims do not formally report sexual assaults, according to a federal study.

muggingStudent ITAP - Soon you will be outside of your comfort zone and there is both excitement and apprehension with the prospect of moving to an unfamiliar city, making new friends, adjusting to assigned housing and perhaps even becoming acclimated to a new culture.  Our customized ITAP can alleviate many of these concerns before the journey even starts. In comparison to our College Planning ITAP, which provides a comprehensive assessment involving campus and community security, our Student ITAP is customized to your requirements ensuring that you have the knowledge of the potential hidden dangers both on and off campus. Even more important we keep you updated on crime trends in the area you will be living, socializing and exploring since prevention is our key strategy. Your customized ITAP will cover a variety of analytical assessments including crime reporting, site reviews, risk mitigation, emergency points of contact and professional referrals. Understanding that students spend a substantial amount of time off campus, we also provide situation reporting for the surrounding areas most frequented by students and identify special threats such as gang and drug activity, levels of rape, robberies, assaults, property crime and locations of registered sex offenders.

The rate of violent crimes on college campuses in America is increasing. Some attribute this to the drinking culture common to college campuses, while some blame drugs, stress, unaddressed mental illness, or a combination of all three. Whatever the reason, the college campus has become a regular setting for horrible crimes, from sexual assault to murder to mass murder.


Study Abroad ITAP Study abroad programs allow students to broaden their horizons in far-reaching corners of the globe. Unfortunately, these programs also create additional risks for students and parents because of the increasing risk of terrorism, political unrest, travel related illness, natural disasters, accidents and an increased risk of victimization, specifically property crime, sexual assaults and acts of violence. Many tour companies and institutions sponsoring study abroad programs keep their costs low by selecting services such as lodging, transportation and local staffing based on price and not safety. Many times these same institutions partner with companies that specialize in providing insurance to protect students only after a catastrophic event has occurred. Instead, Global Secure Resources is committed to prevention. Our customized ITAP mitigates this risk and prepares students for the challenges they will be facing from the time they arrive at the airport to when they return home. Our Study Abroad ITAP unlocks and exposes many of the dangers that students will face while abroad and includes multiple assessments of country and city situation reporting, security forecasts, overseas medical, dental and legal advisory, lost document assistance, travel registration, political unrest advisory, terrorism risk ratings, emergency reference guide and 24/7 point of contact resources.

The bus was returning from an academic trip with 13 U.S college students and 3 staff members when men pulled alongside with guns and forced the bus off the road. The men then stole their belongings and selected five female students and raped them according to a State Department Embassy spokesperson.

childField Trip ITAP“If I only knew it would be dangerous, I would not have granted permission to participate on the field trip.” All too often we hear these words when it comes to signing waivers absolving institutions of any liability when an individual is severally injured or even killed while participating in a field trip. Many incidents involving sanctioned school trips have captured national attention including, the death of Natalee Holloway, the rape and indecent assault of several students attending a sports camp and the death of elementary school children while on a day trip spent fossil hunting. Field trips are an important part of the learning process and they make up some of our most favorite childhood memories but in reality they pose many risks. School shootings have forced institutions to increase security and develop policies to deal with crime on campus. However, these same protocols are not in place once the student leaves the campus on a field trip, athletic event, overnight trip or sanctioned school activity.  The same safeguards, resources and levels of supervision are not in place for off campus activities and rarely is an operational plan in place to address the possibility of a catastrophic event or natural disaster occurring at some of the more popular field trip locations, such as an active shooter in a museum, the injury of a child at an amusement/water park or the abduction of a child from a lodging establishment. Although well meaning, Administrators most often rely on individuals without knowledge of active security threats or access to the appropriate data to uncover and identify all the potential security concerns. Perhaps even more troubling is when this responsibility for security is shifted to the tour operators responsible for planning the trip, whose opinion may be biased since profits may be at stake when selecting lodging locations, transportation and local staffing. In both scenarios the failure to follow best practices opens the door for liability directed against the teachers, chaperones, school administrator and city but even more important, this decision exposes the student to potentially avoidable risk.

canoeingAt Global Secure Resources our Field Trip ITAP is developed for use both by individuals and institutions wishing to ensure that the appropriate risk assessment is unbiased and exceed the standards for best practices. Our ITAP covers multiple assessments and includes local emergency contacts and analysis of variables ranging from site reviews and sex predator checks to incident analysis and transportation risk assessments. Before signing any waiver releasing your rights should an incident occur while on a field trip, ask to see the safeguards that have been put in place to ensure the safety of your loved one.

"A lawsuit has been filed against the town and two teachers by a student who claims she was raped by another student on a school field trip. The parents allege the assault was caused by the teachers' and the tour company's failure to "properly supervise and monitor students on the tour and failures to prevent alcohol consumption during the tour and on the night of the assault.”