Global Secure Business

In the past, a breach in corporate security usually meant a company loss of money or materials. Today, it can mean a loss of intellectual property, major shareholders, or even employee lives. Today's volatile business environment and the expanding potential liability now requires that companies must look to specialized sources to assist with the security of the company’s assets, physical property and employees. So how do business professionals handle these new requirements for corporate security? Like many smart executives, they turn to the people who have been doing it for years. At Global Secure Resources, our experts have spent their careers in global business security. In addition to their investigative experience, our partners possess a wide variety of skills including foreign language abilities, cultural knowledge of key international markets and a working “rolodex” of international and domestic contacts that can cut through the bureaucracy to accomplish our client’s goals. GLOSEC Business specializes in the following areas:

Investigations: Our investigative services include business due diligence, employee/vendor integrity, site penetration testing, covert surveillance, undercover penetration and electronic monitoring. Background investigations reflect our fact-finding utilizing data developed both domestically and abroad, as well as intelligence gleaned from a worldwide network of law enforcement associates.

Litigation Support: Civil and criminal litigation issues, to include white collar crime, incident site security, evidence collection, asset tracking, due diligence research, expert witness placement and specialized training for compliance and regulatory issues.

Forensics: Financial analysis to identify assets and mitigate losses from fraud. Computer data retrieval, imaging, usage tracking, and other forensic needs required for evaluating and assessing internal matters, external threats and potential civil/criminal litigation.

Customs Import/Export Controls: Our program experts specialize in customs and import controls laws, including those related to audits, record keeping requirements, supply chain security, anti-money laundering (AML) detection and compliance, foreign corrupt practices (FCP), trade risk compliance and other finance and trade regulations which constitute a major aspect of scrutiny from CBP, ICE IRS and other regulatory agencies.

Executive and Facility Protection: Coordination for both domestic and international assignments, often with host nation partners knowledgeable of emerging threats and skills unique to the specific country. Program specialists responsible for pharmaceutical chain supply integrity and medicinal dispensary security and compliance.