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Global Secure Family

There is no greater priority then to provide for the safety and security of our loved ones. In every family, just like in every business, there remains a security risk. At GLOSEC Family we work to mitigate this risk and provide you with the tools to prevent incidents from occurring. When selecting a nanny, partner or even enrolling a child in daycare, what precautions have you taken to verify the safety of the individual or the establishment? They say you can’t pick your neighbors or family, but with our GLOSEC ITAP, we can provide you with a variety of services including background investigations, covert surveillance and incident analysis so you can make an informed decision before relocating to that new neighborhood, taking that vacation or selecting a roommate.

Perhaps one of the greatest “hidden” threats to an individual occurs while on vacation because of the unfamiliarity with the location, the tendency to transport large sums of currency and electronics and the transient crime, which is inherent at hotels and temporary lodging locations.  This is particularly true on cruises and during day excursions, while in port. Even the most experienced traveler sometimes feels unsettled arriving at a chaotic airport or venturing into an unfamiliar city and from a security perspective, it is often the journey from the airport to the final destination that offers the greatest risk of encountering danger. Rest assured because with our customized ITAP we look to mitigate this risk and provide you with the guidance needed to meet these challenges. Our travel ITAP uncovers the potential hidden dangers from the time of arrival at your destination and includes multiple assessments of country and city situation reporting, security forecasts, overseas medical, dental and legal advisory references, lost document assistance, travel registration, political unrest advisory, terrorism risk ratings, local emergency resources and 24/7 points of contact.

The U.S. State Department says it has received reports of assaults, including sexual assaults, in casinos, outside hotels, and on cruise ships. In addition we have learned of a wide variety of crimes against cruise passengers, including rapes against young women ashore, theft, and violent robberies. Crewmembers have known this for years but the problem continues to exist.