About Us

In 1988 the formation for the idea of Global Secure Resources was first launched overseas when collectively US Embassy members representing major components within government, including Economics, Political, Commercial and Security, identified the need for Diplomatic resources to be more integrated with the needs of the private sector. Years later, Global Secure Resources draws from this experience to ensure that best practices continue to be refined in order to meet our customers requirements.

At Global Secure Resources we stress a more holistic approach for dealing with matters related to safety and security. We believe to be truly effective in our mission, our clients must feel safe and secure not just in the workforce or at home, but in everything that they do. Our corporation is global but our presence is local and we remain committed to providing our clients with the resources to keep them safe and secure where they raise their family, vacation, explore, live and work.

Global Secure Resources continues to expand and is pleased to welcome our newest professionals to the team:

ThomasThomas Pasquarello has over 35 years experience in both Federal and municipal law enforcement and has directed operations throughout the world. Tom served as a Special Agent with the US Department of Justice and was assigned to both the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Domestically, Tom served in a variety of management positions including assignments to the FBI/DEA Task Forces in NY, Dallas and Miami. Tom served in Washington, DC as the liaison to the US Congress and worked to develop law enforcement and security programs throughout the world. Internationally, Tom served as a US Diplomat for more than 12 years, and while assigned to US Embassies in Europe and Asia, managed personnel, offices and programs throughout more than 100 countries within Europe, Africa and Asia.  Tom was promoted by the US Attorney General into the Senior Executive Service, the highest rank within law enforcement and government service. Tom retired in Bangkok as the Regional Director for Asia in charge of 34 countries stretching from China and Mongolia to Australia and New Zealand.  Throughout his career, Tom received numerous awards and accolades from world leaders and ranking officials. These global contacts remain active and will prove instrumental in pushing our clients needs in a number of countries including, China, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Australia, Italy, Switzerland and Germany.

In 2010, after a nationwide search, Tom was appointed as the Chief of Police in Somerville, MA. which is one of the larger cities in the state and central to many of the top universities in the world, including Harvard, MIT and Tufts. Tom, as member of the Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI) which was created to prevent and if necessary respond to catastrophic incidents, was responsible for all security matters relating to personnel, facilities, commerce and tourism involved with this vibrant “university” city. Tom was responsible for the development and approval of all incident action planning and threat assessments for venues and activities deemed to constitute a potential threat to safety and security. Tom brings specialized experience to a variety of services offered through Global Secure Resources, including supply chain security, anti-money laundering activities (AML), foreign corruption act practices (FCA), pharmaceutical diversion and security, incident action planning, threat assessment, facility security and student/campus safety. Tom will be based in Boston and serve as the Managing Partner for Global Secure Student Services.

Ingrid CenturionIngrid Centurion , US Army Aviation, Lieutenant Colonel (LTC-Retired), has over 25 years of leadership and tactical expertise across the US Army, Air Force, and Department of Defense (DOD). In-depth experience with Homeland Security applications, including manned/unmanned intelligence-gathering systems and innovative security and software development. Domestically, Ingrid served as the Southwestern United States mission planner at Joint Task Force North combatting transnational threats across Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California covering 1203 miles of land border and 850 miles of the maritime border. Responsible for the planning, coordinating, synchronizing, and executing active and reserve DoD Title 10 support to federal law enforcement agencies, Department of Homeland Security, and Department of Justice in order to deter and prevent threats to the homeland. Ingrid brings specialized experience to a variety of services offered through Global Secure Resources Inc., including military (national) intelligence capabilities, logistics, national security, and aviation expertise in the application of technologies in support of ground tactical (law enforcement teams and homeland security). Ingrid is a multi-lingual corporate trainer, executive coach, and certified as a Human Brain Dominance Practitioner, using the HBDI assessment, which is a system to measure and describe thinking preferences and processing styles.

RobRobert Stiriti has over 30 years Federal Law Enforcement experience with the Department of Homeland Security, Homeland Security Investigations, Office of Professional Responsibility and Customs and Border Protection.  Bob has global experience directing security programs pertaining to violations of import and export laws and regulations. Bob also serves as a program expert in matters involving illegal exportation of technology, intellectual property rights, global trade compliance, anti-money laundering regulations, non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, public corruption and internal security.
Bob has served in critical positions throughout the U.S., Europe and the Middle East and is responsible for the establishment of the Container Security Initiative (CSI) in Italy, Greece, Egypt and Israel.  This also entailed conducting port assessments at all facilities to ensure compliance with established security standards.   Bob also provided oversight of the Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT), an initiative to facilitate and secure trade by deploying Supply Chain Security Validation Officers to foreign manufacturing facilities to identify vulnerabilities in the supply chain. Bob will be working from our Los Angeles Regional Office and will assist with matters involving Customs Trade and Commerce.

SamuelSamueli Salmassi was born in the Middle East and educated in Europe. Sam has been involved with multiple business partnerships throughout Europe and Asia and is well versed in navigating through the EU and international regulations. Sam is fluent in more than 8 languages including Arabic, Italian, German, French, Greek, Spanish, Turkish and English. Sam’s language abilities and his unique knowledge of the culture, provides Sam with the opportunity to bypass many of the bureaucracies associated with establishing or expanding business abroad in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Sam has specialized experience in import/export affairs and regulations as well as the security protocols required to facilitate the free flow of commerce. Sam’s knowledge also extends to supply chain integrity, intellectual property right (IPR) violations and pharmaceutical and chemical controls. Sam will coordinate Global Secure Business services from our location in Europe and the Middle East and will assist with the expansion of Global Secure Resources to our newest regional center of operation in Dubai.

TerryTerry Hartman served as a Special Agent with the US Department of Justice for more than 22 years and brings a wide diversity of experience to Global Secure Resources. Terry spent a decade assigned to Executive Protection, which included personal security for the Director, foreign dignitaries and VIP’s. Many of these protection assignments were in high-risk areas including Colombia, Mexico and Brazil. Terry was responsible for planning and logistics related to all domestic and foreign executive protection and continues to maintain his cadre of global contacts within law enforcement and the protective services.

Terry received his Top Secret/SCI clearances and graduated from numerous training courses related to Executive Protection including the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)- Special Protection Operation Cadre, the Department of State Diplomatic Security Service, the U.S. Army Terrorism Training, U.S. Marine Corps Weapons and Security Driver Training, and the Improvised Explosive Device Counterterrorism Program. Terry is also a fourth degree black belt practitioner and Instructor in Tae Kwon Do.

Terry is also a seasoned investigator who has been assigned to several major cities, including NY, DC and Boston, where he was responsible for conducting global investigations. Terry, who is a fluent Spanish speaker, also served in a Diplomatic capacity in Madrid where he was responsible for managing investigations throughout Spain and Portugal. Terry will assist with matters relating to our Global Secure Business Executive Protection Program.

Paul ZeizelDr. Paul Zeizel is a noted Forensic Psychologist whose expertise will greatly contribute toward the holistic approach of services available to our clients at Global Secure Resources. Dr. Zeizel has received advanced degrees from Harvard University, Boston University and the Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology. Dr. Zeizel is appointed as an expert in District, Superior and Federal Courts. He is also appointed as a Qualified Examiner in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and has served as an expert in a variety of matters ranging from criminal responsibility and competency to risk assessments of sexual and violent offenders.

Dr.Zeizel served overseas in Afghanistan and provided clinical services to a number of agencies including the US Military, US Department of State, US Department of Defense, United Nations, Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) and multiple non-government organizations (NGO) throughout South East Asia.

Dr. Zeizel is a well sought after lecturer and presented at numerous universities and institutions on a number of issues including: predication of violence, dealing with trauma, stress management, forensic psychology and risk management. Dr. Zeizel will be coordinating the Global Secure Student Orientation Program, both for international visitors to the United States as well as individuals traveling abroad. Dr. Zeizel will be instrumental in providing services related to risk mitigation, crisis intervention and Individual Threat Assessment Planning (ITAP). In addition, Dr. Zeizel will be an asset to our Global Secure Business clients by fulfilling their needs as it relates to civil and criminal litigation, workforce issues and expert analysis involving forensic psychology.