Travel Safety Series

How to safeguard your valuables at the pool or beach

Prevention can reduce your vulnerabilities.

You are starting your vacation and it’s your first day sitting poolside or at the beach. A well-earned vacation, time for you to relax and enjoy your time, fun in the sun. This can all change with an unfortunate typical beach and poolside crime. Criminals spend their day roaming vacation spots, having fun in the sun too. However, they are on the hunt for easy pick-ups and easy money. The criminal sees the iPhone on the beach towel and they wait for you to take a swim. They drop a towel next to yours for a few minutes and away they walk with your phone, wallet and whatever else they can take. A few smart tips to avoid this type of beach or pool crime include:

Criminals look for easy targets, taking a few moments to thinking about prevention can reduce your vulnerabilities and allow for a better vacation. Travel safe, far and wise.

Carrie Pasquarello of Global Secure Resources Inc. an International Corporation dedicated to risk mitigation and threat assessment planning. She has spent more than a decade in a Diplomatic capacity working and living abroad in Europe and Asia. Served with the US Department of State. Trained victim advocate in trauma, recovery and crisis counseling.

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