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Understand Your Risks and Make Your Choice for Mitigation with Global Secure Resources

There is risk with any travel. Contact Global Secure Resources Inc. and speak with our security analysts for a free consultation on the best way to mitigate this risk.

I have traveled all over the world and lived in Asia, Europe and North America. When navigating the globe, it is essential to protect both your data security and personal safety. Crossing datelines and integrating into a different environment may lead to fatigue, culture shock and a greater risk to becoming a victim of crime. Safety and security must be a priority when it involves travel and it makes no difference if the destination is around the corner or around the world. Crime, civil unrest, natural disasters and cybercrime all pose a real threat, but rest assured there are strategies to mitigate this risk. The start of any journey begins with a plan and at Global Secure Resources Inc. we are here to enhance your global experience with our personal risk assessment. Before your loved one studies abroad, takes that cruise, plans that vacation or travels the globe, have them speak with our highly experienced security analysts so they have an understanding of all the potential security gaps involving their travel, including gender violence, lodging security and their vulnerability to crime and terrorism.

Carrie Pasquarello of Global Secure Resources Inc. is dedicated to risk mitigation and threat assessment planning for campus safety and study abroad programs. She has spent more than a decade in a Diplomatic capacity working and living abroad in Europe and Asia. Served with the US Department of State. Trained victim advocate in trauma, recovery and crisis counseling. 1-800-939-0562 Ext. 6

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