Travel Safety Series

Cybersecurity and International Travel

August 2016

Living or traveling internationally can leave gaps in your digital safety. Vulnerabilities can come from free Wi-Fi networks and technologies like Bluetooth. Hackers are waiting for tourist to show up unprotected, whether it is your cell phone, computer or another device with your personal information. Hackers are clever at getting your information and using it to drain bank accounts and other criminal activities. Like all criminals, they are looking for easy targets. Here are a few simple ideas that can move you up the chain from being an easy target, since many criminals would rather move on to an easier prey.

Criminals are getting your information by either stealing your device or by capturing your information digitally through cyber means. Either way you can make it harder for the criminal to access your information by using passwords and making sure your key accounts have two ways of authentication. Use a good anti-virus system and VPN software which encrypts information. Don’t open links you don’t know. Hackers troll with these links in order to get your attention---so don’t be tempted to click on new unknown links! Consider purchasing your own hot spot. Turn off your Bluetooth. Back up your data. Change your password often and set up notifications, so if someone logs on to an account from a new device or location you will be notified. While away don’t use networks without an authentication or password. Criminals set up free Wi-Fi connections in high-end tourist areas to troll for data. Once you log on to their free Wi-Fi, they can access your information on your device and take your pictures, your money or even your identity. They can also use your contacts, hijack your social accounts and possibly lock you out of your information for life.

Keeping your data safe and secure while you travel, will save you from a lot of headaches and stress, if your devices are stolen or hacked. Don’t be an easy target. Criminals are working every day and making big money from easy targets, don’t be one of them.

Carrie Pasquarello of Global Secure Resources Inc. an International Corporation dedicated to risk mitigation and threat assessment planning. She has spent more than a decade in a Diplomatic capacity working and living abroad in Europe and Asia. Served with the US Department of State. Trained victim advocate in trauma, recovery and crisis counseling.

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